Play With Cosmetics was founded by young entrepreneur, blogger, and model Dianna Mkryan in February 2016. The past 4 years have been filled with hard work, research, and dedication into creating a cruelty free, paraben free, and toxin free color-cosmetics brand. Play With Cosmetics is a brand driven by quality and uniqueness- we strive to give our customers the best, in terms of pigmentation, good-for-you ingredients, and long lasting products. Play With Cosmetics will not only appeal to all individuals, but is MADE for all individuals; the company is proud to be the first color-cosmetics brand to not only include close-up and distanced demonstration photos of different types of lips, but also a wide range of different skin toned and global models in all demo photos. Our products are versatile, meaning you can use our matte lippies as eyeliner, eyeshadow base, or anything you may please! You can also use our glosses as cheek tints, wet eyeshadow, highlighter, and more! We will continue to expand into different types of collections and are delighted to unveil all the new projects we have in store. We invite you to join us on our adventure and to Play With Cosmetics!

A special message from our Founder & CEO:

Play With Cosmetics was a place I dreamt of since I was a kid. When I say place, it's because it has been a mental escape for me, a happy place. A place with no limits, no critics, no negativity. We all love to play with makeup and for me, it is near and dear as I fell in love with lipstick from an early age. My mom was my inspiration to become a young entrepreneur since she started her own successful business at just 25 years old. I would watch my mom apply her lipstick, like many girls did and this is why this is the first product I decided to launch.

Growing up in a very strict household, I was told I was not allowed to wear makeup until I was 18. I remember sneaking glam sessions and trying to act like I had nothing on with a "natural look" at 16! On my 18th birthday, I couldn't wait to indulge in color, which is another reason why I created these bold and fun shades. I wanted there to be a color for every preference! I also wanted to give the everyday girl, an opportunity to use a lipstick for face and eyes too! Many love to wear the bold shades as eyeliner and that's what's so playful about my brand! Life is better when you are playing with cosmetics. Glam Hard. Play Harder!

With so much love,
Dianna M.